Fashion Jewelry- Always In Vogue

collectible jewelryFashion jewelry has always been an important for women, who are known to wear custom jewelry for a long time now. We can trace back the source of the jewelry to the developed, who developed the ability to cut glass and imitate precious gemstones. The reasons for wearing still remain the same today and it is worn to enhance looks and appear stylish. Only the styles and designs have changed over the time. Still, we find a growing craze for vintage inspired jewelry among women and the style is enjoying a revival these days. You can find those vintage looks making a great comeback in ornaments.

The art deco jewelry has been around since the 1920s. Women have worn ornamentation made out of semi-precious materials since ancient times. The jewelry is a fine example of workmanship and the quality and materials used to create those pieces are at par with the real jewelry. We find a sea change in how the ornaments are created and worn. Before, women wore jewelry only on special occasions and to flaunt the wealth of their husbands. Thus, jewelry was a way of showing the status in the society by the rich. It was also worn to symbolize a religious affiliation, a period of mourning, or the state of romance.

In the 20th century, the fashion designers began to experiment with jewelry, expressing their creativity in the art deco jewelry. They used different material and metals, non-precious and semi-precious stones, made the pieces bigger and bolder, to go with the demands, and the way fashions were emerging. The pieces could be outrageously trendy, and as they were made of inexpensive materials, it was easy to replace the fashion jewelry, once the look went out of fashion.

The vintage inspired Victorian pieces tend to be chunky and large. The antique fine collectible is a popular hobby with some, who love collecting pieces from different eras and generations. Depending on the era, we find a variety in the design and materials. In the Georgian period, the jewelry was created by hand, and we find a huge demand for pendants and brooches, carrying portraits of loved ones during this time. Fashion jewelry at the beginning of the Victorian period saw it becoming much more affordable and mass market emerging for the art deco jewelry. Pieces carrying sentimental motifs became immensely popular. The Edwardian period saw delicate and elegant custom jewelry, with artificial diamonds and pearls set in semi-precious metals getting in vogue. Glass and semi-precious stones were used, and enamel was introduced in the mid-1910s.

Gradually, we find geometric lines, sharp angles, and bright colors emerging in the vintage inspired jewelry pieces. Some of those ornaments carried significant personal meaning. The costume jewelry may be less expensive, but it never looks cheap, if made in good quality. The designs can be especially eye-catching and creative and eye-catching. Those designs and creations are meant for men and women who love jewelry in its all forms and   wear it to express themselves.

Practical applications of fashion jewelry are well known in love, mourning, religious devotion, etc. It is a way of looking good and showing love for beautiful things. Some of the most famous designers of vintage inspired custom jewelry are Elsa Schiaparelli, Coco Chanel and Miriam Haskell, whose bright and attractive creations are often made for celebrities. The finely detailed work is a true tribute to nature’s beauty, and the art deco jewelry are made of materials like faux pearls, beads, corals, Bakelite, etc.

The jewelry continues to be very much in vogue today and continues to inspire the next generation of designers. Those oversized and sparkly pieces are often seen worn by the famous models on the ram or the celebrities at special shows. Stars such as Julia Roberts, Britney Spears, Madonna, are well known for their love of vintage inspired jewelry and wear their collections in public. Those epics are not just meant for the rich and the famous. Just about anybody can buy those amazing ornaments and appreciate their beauty.

You may not be making much of an investment in your fashion jewelry, and it is still essential to take good care of those pieces. Avoid making them come in contact with soaps, oils, perfumes, or any harsh chemicals. It is essential to remove the jewelry before sports, exercising, swimming, showering, etc. Store them carefully in a dry box and clean them with a soft cloth and jewelry cleaner. Remember to read the label of the cleaning solution and make sure that it doesn’t contain any vinegar, ammonia, or any other acids, as these chemicals might harm the finish of the costume jewelry. Plus, those stones or materials used to make the jewelry might also get damaged sure to the harsh chemicals. One can also make use of good old soap and water, just make sure that the soap is not too harsh.

It is the uniqueness, superb craftsmanship, as well as, the aesthetic value which make those ornaments popular collectible items. One can make them a good investment and keep them with proper care. Some of the serious collectors will be more than willing to pay top price for vintage costume jewelry that is in mint condition. More than the value, it is the joy of owning and wearing a thing of timeless beauty from a bygone era that is simply beyond compare!